Taking Stock Pt 2

A while ago (meaning like a year…) I did this post and I thought for kicks I’d do it again.

Making: My 2016/2017 school-year quote list. So far, it’s the best I’ve ever done. I cannot wait to share it.

Cooking: Nothing. I’m not at my culinary best. But I did make cookies the other day, which were delicious.

Drinking: Coffeeeee (but when did that surprise anyone?)

Reading: Game Of Lives by James Dashner.  

Wanting: A phone. Or my email. You know what, just to talk to people again.

Looking: Out the window, I have a problem.

Deciding: If I want to spend ALL my money on Twenty-One Pilots tickets, or if I want to save it like the responsible person I’m trying hard to be.

Wishing: That they would start making Narnia movies again. It’s not like they can’t, but they must make them accurate. The last one was terribly off, and made 10 year old me cringe.

Also, that Starbucks wouldn’t be so expensive. I could spend all my money on them, without thinking. (I actually have…)

Enjoying: My new Spotify playlist. It’s totally chill. My volume is at 80, and my parents hate it. 🙂

Waiting: For my dad to go see Independence Day: Resurgence with me. He won’t let me see it with anyone else, because it’s our ‘tradition’ to see sci-fi movies together. It’s the one thing we have in common, that and trash-talking terrible movies. Star Wars: The Force Awakens we agreed is a re-make of the 6th with a couple new characters. (Please Star Wars fans don’t kill me.)

Liking: The Neighborhood. It’s been a year since their album came out, and I’m still listening to it. It’s beautiful and I relate SO much, though my mom says it’s depressing music (which is kind of true, don’t listen to it if you’re in a good mood.)

Wondering: How some people are so good at makeup. I’m not kidding, you watch those tutorials on YouTube, and they go in looking pretty and then coming out as some supermodel. It’s witch-craft. I tried something new in my make-up routine, and I looked like a freak. So, I’m sticking with the basics.

Loving: Peace Tea, Arnold Palmer, tea in general from the gas station. I got hooked on our trip (L and I bought jugs and chugged them in car.) Ward brought me tea two days ago and yesterday, which was SO nice.

Watching: I just finished all 8 seasons of Psych, which is so sad. Aww, Shawn and Gus and Jules. *tear, tear, sniff, sniff*

Marveling: How the year is already 1/2 way over. Like, where the heck did it go?

Needing: To visit Barnes And Noble. I miss my favorite store.

Smelling: Nothing.

Wearing: PJs. Gym shorts and a t-shirt.

Thinking: I should get ready for the day, honestly, its 12:00 PM.

Admiring: Hmmmmmmm, mostly dead people…

Sorting: Through my problems. 😛

Getting: Absolutely nothing. Remember the whole conversation, I’ll be broke again soon.

Disliking: Shawn Mendes music. Except Treat You Better, but even that sometimes. I mean, he sounds like a little boy crying to his mommy about not getting the girl. Please, spare me your drama Shawn.

 Feeling: Tired, with a twinge of drained. I just need to sleep for a month and catch up, but my body (and dad) won’t allow it. *smacks head against counter top*

Helping: Well, no one at the moment.




12 thoughts on “Taking Stock Pt 2”

  1. “hmmmmm mostly dead people” can i just say same and that’s literally my mood right now. Babe we need to go to B&N anyways because I’ve run out of books to read

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  2. I’ve been making quote lists during the school year, too, for the past couple years, and it’s been so fun! I look back at them every so often and can’t stop laughing!


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