Goodbye Friend

Goodbye friend,
Who knew we would ever end?
It never occurred to me.
You call after me.
I find myself running,
I can’t stop,
I won’t stop.

I’ve forgiven you,
And we’ll talk on occasions.
You’ll try to open me up again,
I find myself backing away.
I still remember what you started,
I can’t help it.
I won’t help it.

People like you,
Make me wary of others.
I told you my secrets,
And in return,
You told them to all your other friends.
How dare you?
Trust. That’s all I asked for.
Was it too much?
I guess you’re too immature,
To understand yet.

Save your words,
I can’t listen,
Or maybe,
I won’t listen.
Save them for your next victim,
Or ‘friend.’
Can be bent so easily.
And you should know,
Seeing how easily you tricked me.

Note: I wrote this when I really angry at someone, but I’ve gotten over it, and worked it out. But I still like the poem, so I thought I’d post it anyways.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Friend”

  1. tbh you should not have gotten over it in my opinion but im a hotheaded nutcase what do i know! anyways the peom is fabulous as always darling! its simply creamy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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