Guys…You’re Going To Make Me Cry…

Sometimes I think about it. Why the heck do people follow me?! I mean–have you read this chaos? It’s sometimes so terrible. And if the own author is saying that it must be.

But thank you. Thank you for supporting me. Because somehow, I’ve reached 300 followers, which is such a surprise.

300 people have actually cared enough to read what I have to say. My poetry, ramblings, ideas, and ridiculous updates. I’m so broken up in pieces of joy, I don’t what to say. Because every follower is a person, I’ve influenced in some way…even if it’s that they should buy a pair of Keds, stay awake all night, or so much they quote me in their school paper (thanks Tea.)

To the friends I’ve made. Ruth–your comments just make me glow. Aspen–I love talking to you all the time, you’re truly a kindred spirit <3. Elm–who literally has followed me for a year, and always puts in an encouraging word. Alex–who I look up to as a writer, her poetry is sublime. One day, I will meet all of you and hug you tightly. 😉

To all my real-life friends, who are ‘in’ on the ‘secret.’ Thank you for keeping it a secret. Thank you for telling me that it’s great. It really means more than you think…

And you know what?! Thank you for all the spam comments companies. Who comment, ‘I was reading your blog and it has lots of potential, if you just signed for–.’ Thank you for telling me I at least have potential, though I don’t have enough money to use your programs nor do I want to.

I love this blog, it’s here I can be just me…say all the stupid, crazy things and no one gives me those weird glares. Write my poetry and people not make fun of it.

Alright, I’m off to blare some St. Lucia (my new music obsession…I could listen all day to their chill alt. music. Try Dancing on Glass or Elevate.) and dance around. Scream a couple lyrics.

Again, thanks SO much.

I love all of you! ❤





6 thoughts on “Guys…You’re Going To Make Me Cry…”

  1. Awww Liv, I don’t know what we, or I, would have done without such a wonderful person as you, really! You deserve those 300 followers and so so much more, because you and your blog are both amazing and you better accept that!! All the love 🙂 xx

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