Summer Used To Be…

Summer used to be library trips. Hours searching for the perfect books. The librarians protecting me from boys asking me for my number, but suggesting their sons. Getting my library card when I was six and always using it, swearing when I start driving it’ll be where I go first. Magic Tree House then Nancy Drew then Lord of The Rings then Agatha Christy murder mysteries. Begging my mom to take me again after I exhausted my supply.

Summer used to be playing in the creek. Behind my house, L and I, spent our days exploring our little world. We caught fish and tadpoles, crossed over by using a sewer pipe (we technically weren’t allowed, but we’re rebels, or at least I am.) Went downstream and climbed onto private property. We had disputes about who the creek belonged to (we fought with boys about it a lot.)

Summer used to be visits to grandma’s. She would take us to the springs, VBS (up there they loved my voice and I always got solos or duets.) She gave us root beers and lots of ice cream. My grandpa would watch the westerns with me, and encouraged my Clint Eastwood love (we still sing the Rawhide theme song.) Going to cattle drives and naming our cows (Coffee, Cinnamon, Snow White, Nutmeg, etc.)

Summer used to be popsicles, sprinklers (because we don’t have a pool, and the FL sun is relentless,) swimming at the Miss J’s and her showing me her endless china, cumquats, riding our bikes in hot pursuit of each other, cloud gazing, tire swings rides (twirl of death,) and playing pretend from the time to sun came up until it came down. Go fish games, sun burns, and scooter races. Hide and seek after dark. And even cleaning the house with the radio blaring, and my siblings and I dancing and singing very off-key.

I remember I used to try and multitask by reading and riding my book AT THE SAME TIME. Not easy. I remember the neighbor’s brother telling me that his brother thought I was cute. I remember talking to myself for hours outside. I remember playing extreme hopscotch and having hula hoop contests. I remember going to my friend Nate’s house and we would eat popcorn on the trampoline, watch movies, run from L and his older sister, and visit his grandma.

Life was simple then. Summer was simple then.

They were some of the best days of my life.




7 thoughts on “Summer Used To Be…”

  1. when you reference Bruce Springsteen…. I’ve taught you so well *tears*! boo you know you driving to my house first.. if you go the library we gonna have a problem.

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  2. funny story, i got my driver’s license a few months ago and i kid you not the first place i drove was to the library. as soon as i got home, i left my mom and sister there and drove down the library and picked up like ten books and drove home and sat in my room and read for hours.

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