I’m a mess.’
She told him,
On a warm summer day,
When they were,
Still young,
And they sat on the grass.
‘That’s alright.’
He replied,
‘So am I.’

‘I’m a failure.’
She cried,
Showing him her,
Failed equations.
He looked at his,
Rejected application letters,
And replied,
‘Don’t worry,
We’ll be failures together.’

‘I’m so lonely.’
She says,
Over the crackly,
Phone line.
He smiles,
As he tries to block out,
His chaotic life.
And says,
‘Not anymore.’
She just laughs,
‘I guess not.’

‘I’m never letting go!’
She exclaims,
When she finds his arms.
Four years of,
Wishes fulfilled.
He holds onto her,
Afraid she’ll dissipate,
Into the air.
‘And neither will I.’
He whispers under his breath.

‘I’m in love with you.’
She says softly,
As they watch,
Rain stain the world.
He glances,
But she’s avoiding his eyes,
‘Don’t worry,’
He replies,
‘I’ve been in love,
Since the beginning.’


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