Unique Blogger Award (Don’t Make Me Laugh…)

So I know it’s a been a while since I’ve done an award post. Mostly because they’re a bit annoying. Plus, I said I was done with them. I lied. Thanks the punk butterfly for thinking I’m unique enough for this…


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog (check)
  • Answer their 3 questions
  • Include one meme and one quote you really like
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers to receive this award
  • Ask your nominees 3 unique questions
  • Add a link to the award’s creator: a girl’s voyage

Questions I was asked:

What do you think your patronus would be, and elaborate on why?

So…I’ve actually thought about this a lot. (What I do in my spare time…) I’ve landed on that my patronus would be a leopard. They are my favorite animal also.

It’s probably because we both like to sleep, trees and climbing them, we can be absolutely cruel and terrifying if we choose. We’re both solitary. They also are up till dusk until dawn, which are the peak hours of activity for me. Plus, we’re both very sulky and slink about in the shadows watching people. (That sounds creepy…but it’s true.)

Plus, have you seen their coats? They’re so beautiful, thus the reason my goal is to own a leopard.

What is the weirdest way someone has ever described you (to other people or just to you) and do you think it fit or was completely off?

The weirdest? When I asked one of my friends what he thought of me before we knew each other, he said something alone the lines of, ‘cult, goth chick, who was sacrificing something to someone.’ (I’ve forgotten all the names he used.) To this day, I don’t know if he was just joking.

When my best friend was introduced to me, the girl pointed me out as the ‘girl with the bob.’ It isn’t the usual thing you say.

My friend says I remind him of Brick  from The Middle. For those who don’t know…it’s this book nerd. To show you how much we are alike I’ve included a couple examples.


The first one is not true. But I could see people making fun of me because of my quiet nature. And I was sort of goth (my ‘no one understands me, I’m ALL ALONE, and no one will ever love me.’ cry baby stage.) The second is spot-on, I had a bob from the time I was 5 to 7th grade, and was probably the only to tell me apart. And the third, is pretty darn right, except I’m not short.

What type of shoes would you associate yourself with, and elaborate on why? 

Hmmmmm…my Keds. I have 5 pairs of them, and all of them are spectacular. They go with literally EVERYTHING, and I wear them pretty much everywhere. They also allow me to have spontaneous runs (which isn’t often, but would come in handy if I was in a exciting chase sequence.) They’re easy to slip on and off, so I can go barefoot (because I really usually hate shoes…and if it was socially acceptable I would run barefoot everywhere. At this summer camp I worked, we weren’t technically allowed to take off our shoes, but I did anyways and ran around barefoot. I was much less hot and sweaty because of it. I’m surprised I didn’t get in trouble.)

Plus, they remind me of book nerd shoes, and everyone says I’m pretty much a book nerd.

I don’t have favorite meme.

I’m not nominating anyone. Rules are made to be broken.

But I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly.



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