Brittle Is The New Beautiful.

Change this, change that,
Your mouth needs to be upturned,
Even if your smile is fake.
Your personality needs to be ours,
Even if you forget who you used to be.

Spend your money,
On clothing items that you’ll wear,
To impress, but feel idiotic in.
On makeup,
You don’t know how to put on.
On people,
Who whisper and laugh,
When you turn your back.

Count your calories,
And if you still aren’t the status quo,
Starve yourself.
It’ll be alright,
Brittle is the new beautiful.

Talk about anything,
But don’t bring up,
The world,
Or starving children,
As we buy the new fashions,
You couldn’t change,
The world anyways.

But I can’t,
Stand this anymore,
I feel numb every day,
My heart is heavy,
Though we seem to dance every hour.
I hear the lyrics,
Screaming at me.
But all you seem to hear,
Is the bass.

So, I left,
And shed my layers,
Of disguises.
Because now I understand,
That there is pain,
In this world,
But not for frivolous things,
Or chasing unattainable beauty.

I’ll give my money,
To charities and causes,
And I’ll give away,
Those ridiculous clothes.
And I’ll talk,
I’ll write,
About world issues,
Speak my mind,
Even if everyone else stops.

And I may not change the world,
But I will try,
Which is more than you did.
I will feed those starving children,
Who are brittle,
But not by choice.
And adopt a few,
Teach them that who they are,
Is already perfect.

My last words to you are,
I forgive you.
It’s taken some time,
Years of bitterness,
I’ve found myself,
And a joy,
That helps me smile,
When life is sour.
I hope,
You find yourselves,
Somewhere besides a magazine cover.
And I hope,
You find everlasting happiness,
So you don’t have to fake your smiles.

This poem is a letter of encouragement for girls to break free of the bondage of bullies and cliques. I did it, I hope you can as well.


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