There Was Us

There was me,
bruised hands,
black shirts and gloomy looks,
headaches and heartaches,
sleepless and helpless.
fighting for something,
just not knowing what,
or who, or when to stop.
writing to cope,
with reality,
with broken dreams,
with family,
with closed doors,
with selfish boys.

Then there was you…
logic laced on your tongue,
sharp words,
you never meant, but
at the same time did.
pushing, because you thought,
you could make people better, ‘
you were living,
while I was planning,
speaking, while I listened,
asking, while I waited,
sleeping, while I was wide-awake dreaming,

You and I,
piecing together the puzzle,
though the picture,
was in front of us,
though we knew,
there were pieces missing.
You and I,
we’d die trying,
to find the answers,
though they were,
given to us,
so long ago.
You and I,
wanting adventures,
and freedom,
anything but everything,
yet we cannot step out,
our front doors.

Afraid of nothing,
but held back by something,
You show up at my door,
only to turn back.
I call your phone,
only to hang up.
I’m fighting for you.
We whisper to each other,
in dark corners,
a secret, we called it,
though everyone knew,
even before we did.

everyone asks…
prodding for answers,
forcing themselves into tight corners.
He is not right for you,
was the word,
they cunningly used.
I begin to ask,
to wonder,
we were nothing alike.
what if we were blinded?
by the bright butterflies flying,
incessantly in our stomachs.

there was me,
and there was you,
two souls wandering,
on separate paths,
history writes,
but I edit,
I write on our hearts,
there was us.
And we were finding,
we needed each other,
to survive this fight,
that some call life.
To get some sleep at night,
and to dream.
to learn to speak,
and learn to listen.
To learn to ask,
and learn to wait.
to learn to live,
and learn to plan.
it was far from perfect,
but so were we.
That was love,
or at least,
to us.

Ok, so I really like this poem. I hope y’all do as well.


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