Magical Things

  1. Sun-showers.
  2. Keys jingling (it’s what I imagine fairies sound like.)
  3. Cats in your lap, purring.
  4. First steps. When I first go somewhere, it is magical. I close my eyes and hold my breath as I cross the imaginary line.
  5. The in-between where it has just stopped raining. Where the whole world is covered in rain droplets, and it’s like shards of glass reflecting light and shadows. The air is also chilled, so it sends shivers down my spine.
  6. Butterflies landing on your skin. I used to sit outside for hours still, so they would land on me.
  7. The smell of coffee.
  8. Hugs. They’re like a warm, safe-haven protecting me from the world for a few seconds.
  9. Running/skipping down hallways. (I did this on Sunday with my friend, and the girls thought I was ridiculous. *shrugs*.) It feels like flying, that rush you get.
  10. Star gazing and searching for constellations.
  11. Boat rides. I like to stick my hand over the side, and touch the white foam. To me, it is the water’s angry spit at us for ruining its peace.
  12. Dancing alone. Doesn’t matter where, in a field or in the house, it’s always fun to twirl and pretend that you can dance.
  13. Still water. It’s like a portal to another world as I peer into it.
  14. Old books. The way they smell, the way the pages crinkle, and sometimes when you get to blow the dust off them.
  15. Libraries. Oh my gosh. I like to touch the books, sniff them, and read excerpts.
  16. Warm laundry. I like to snuggle in it before I fold it. Might as well make the best of my chores.
  17. Fountains. Especially wishing fountains.
  18. Clear-water springs. I look for mermaids.
  19. Cliffs. I like to lean as far as I can. It scares my mom.
  20. Bridges. For some reason, I always think of the chapter from Anne of The Island when Anne and Gilbert are watching the sunset on the bridge. She’s wrapped up in the ‘magical’ moment, and he places his hand on hers. She pulls hers away because she thinks he wants more than her friendship. (Ha! Spoiler alert: she ends up with him in the end.) 
  21. Feathers. ‘Hope is a thing with feathers.’ –Emily Dickinson.
  22.  Brick roads. I love the sound as you ride over them.
  23. Hay bales. When there’s 20 of them and you can hop across in a game of tag.
  24. Fire. It amazes me, especially the sparks dancing in the air.
  25. The perfect song in the perfect moment.

And there’s so many more, but it would take an eternity to list all of them.



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