He Is My Paradox

He is my strength,
As if I could have the entire world,
But all I want is him.
As if I could breathe,
But only when he is with me.
Dancing crazily, cloud dappled days,
Wildflowers, poetry, dreams.
Trees, music, boat excursions.
Late night meteor showers.
He beats all of my favorite things.

He is my weakness.
For when we touch,
When he speaks, when he stares,
I die a little inside.
Rendered catatonic, rendered speechless.
Could he even love me?
He haunts me…
Nightmares, where he leaves.
A fear of what he does to me.
Emotion like this cannot be healthy.

I’m rising. This is flying.
I’m falling. This is hurting.
He is an unsolved riddle.
He is my paradox.


8 thoughts on “He Is My Paradox”

  1. THIS WAS SO INTELLIGENT. I loved the idea of the paradox and it’s honestly written so beautifully. The idea of him being a paradox is a new one to me, but I could still understand and relate to your concepts. Amazing work as always Liv xxx

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