Can’t You ‘C’?

Chocolate hair.
Chapped lips.
Cheshire grin.
Cold hands.
Crystal tears.

Captivating appearance.
Careless decision.
Crawling towards love,
Clawing for her heart.
Consequences buried in the back of your mind.

Casual flirting.
Calm exterior, calamitous interior.
Catching her is a puzzle itself.
Caring for her is loving something wild.
Caging her is the final feat.

Constantly he asks for her to love him, to be his alone.
Courage he calls it, cowardly she calls it.
Chasing a wild thing, asking for her to be a captive.
Can you not see the flaws in your requests?
Clearly, not.

Crazy boy, clumsy with your words.
Choking on rejection.
Cocky and charming, you didn’t expect it.
Civil, cryptic and confusing, she will always be to you.
Crushing your heart; crumbling dreams of you and her.


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