A Shout-Out To Nice People

When people do nice things for me, I just feel loved. This is a shout-out to those people (though they will probably never read this….)

When Tea put something I said in her paper. As she read it, I just felt as if I had died. Goodness, I couldn’t stop blushing for five minutes, and this guy in my class was laughing at my reaction. Thanks Tea, I am eternally grateful.

When Sunny’s Mr. Wonderful helped me rearrange the room. I walked in, and sighed because they had moved my spot….seeing that he just got up and moved the tables so I could have my spot (with the head banging wall.) I always feel like he hates me because I’m so harsh. I now understand the extent of his wonderfulness.

When Ginger promised me his headband. He found a girl’s headband on the beach, and was wearing it. Of course, jokingly I said, ‘can I have it?’ And he just looks at me and goes, ‘sure.’ I hugged him and couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day. Also, when he willingly took a picture with me and none of the other girls. Oh! And when he said I was older sister, when I told him he was my other little brother.

When Caroli’s dad (my Biology substitute teacher) gave me flowers. We dissected flowers in class, and I am a sucker for a bouquet. He gave me a rose to dissect and as I pulled off the petals I played the ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ game. I was going to save my petals, but at the end of class he just handed me the bouquet to take home. (Sidenote: When my dad saw them on the counter he was like, ‘what’s this.’ And I instantly came up this secret admirer who asked me to prom story. He was like, ‘who?!’  I couldn’t stop laughing. I just looked at him and said, ‘dad who in their right mind is going to ask me to prom?’ And walked off. You’ve been fooled father.)

When Caroli offered to kidnap me. You’re thinking whoa, whoa, how is that nice? Well L and Caroli are off at camp. As we dropped L off, I went to Caroli’s car and sat in her seat. We talked and hugged and I almost cried. She’s just like, ‘We can kidnap you, and we can share clothes, because I don’t want to go without you.’ Of course, I didn’t actually take up the offer, but that’s kind of Caroli. It tells me she actually does love me. Awwww…..

When Wesley constantly forgives me. I’m such a jerk to him, and he just shrugs it off. Leaving me thinking, HOW? Also for the birthday gift (that I haven’t received yet…because my birthday is in a week) because I wasn’t expecting one.

So thank every single one of you for making my day this much better.







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