Beauty’s Subjectivity

More and more posts I’m reading lately are about beauty. I was especially inspired by my best friend Sunny’s post.

Personally, I don’t talk about the topic much, because when I do, I write that all people are beautiful, but then look in the mirror, and shame the person I see.

But–I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, partly because of swim-season, and looking at swim-suits. Model after model. Fit person after fit person. Skinny until I’m sick.  It’s all a bit discouraging until you at it like this:


Some people like qualities in someone’s personality. Others like feet, hair, eyes, figure, shoulders (yes this is a thing…don’t ask me how I know,) noses. Some people like the way you look when you smile or the way you flip your hair. Some people like funny people, others like adventurous people. <<<I could go on for ages…but I think you get the general idea.

Everyone is not always going to think you’re beautiful, and that’s ok.

People will find you beautiful one day, if not today (though I’m sure someone does.)

No one can truly know the definition of beauty in full, because all of our beliefs are flawed by personal bias.

Thus the reason, I try not to shame myself when I look in the mirror. I try  to accept the fact that I’m not tan or super skinny. I tell myself it’s ok, because someone will love me the way I am.




14 thoughts on “Beauty’s Subjectivity”

  1. I think a huge testament of this is blogging, the community is so strong yet most of us haven’t even seen the others. (Some like me have shown faces) but it’s definitely proven that it’s not about physical beauty at all

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  2. This is so true! I’ve also been seeing a lot of things as being subjective recently, not just beauty. And funnily enough, I am one of those people who finds attraction to those with certain kinds of shoulders. 😅


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