Just Focus

She made time to notice the small things and moments. How the clouds moved and mixed together, cream swirling into  your coffee, the edges of a smile on a stranger’s face, the color of eyes, raindrops skittering down a window, the feeling of a hug, children’s laughter, and leaves waving in the wind.

She watched as the entire world lost focus on small details and only focused on the whole picture.

That saddened her because she knew when you stopped looking, the world blurred and meant nothing to you, it was a dark and overpowering place.

But…if you did dare to look and observed the fragility and detail surrounding you, everything has meaning. The world is put in your grasp.



2 thoughts on “Just Focus”

  1. I’m just going to say (again XD) I love your work it’s always really good and has a deep meaning to it and I just love reading it.


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