My Bucket List

  1. Go to college.
  2. Write a book.
  3. Go to Vienna and attend the Winter’s ball.
  4. See Scotland, stand on the edge of the cliffs, buy a kilt.
  5. Visit New Zealand, and see the Hobbit holes.
  6. Go to a ton of castles, museums and art galleries.
  7. See a Broadway.
  8. Window shop in Paris.
  9. Go to the red-wood forest.
  10. Eat French-onion soup in France.
  11. Roam Rome with someone I love, wish in the Trevi Fountain.
  12. Sit in a hotel watching Sleepless in Seattle, while sleepless in Seattle.
  13. Rent a convertible and blare music down a scenic road.
  14. Adopt a cat and a kid.
  15. Teach at an impoverished school.
  16. Buy a house, and decorate it with pictures of my/our adventures, books, maps, antiques. Maybe two cats.
  17. Have a flower/herb garden.
  18. Have a library.
  19. Learn elvish and Italian.
  20. Have tea with all of my old friends. Wear fancy clothes and act ridiculous.
  21. Watch the stars in different parts of the world and document the differences.
  22. Have a picnic in the middle of nowhere, with sparkling water and cookies.
  23. Drink coffee in different cafes and find where the best coffee is made, and forever love it.
  24. See One Direction/Ed Sherran/Ellie Goulding/Taylor Swift/Coldplay/Twenty-One Pilots/Journey/Billy Joel/The Eagles/U2 all in concert at least once.
  25. Read as many books as I can, and always be a part of a public library.
  26. Get kissed in rain. (too much Taylor Swift music of late…)
  27. Have a pen-pal, who I send extensive letters to with leafs, pictures, and memories scattered everywhere in them.
  28. Fall in love at least once with someone who loves me as well, and does crazy things with me, and will do anything to win me over.
  29. Drink champagne once, and never drink it again, so I always remember like that.
  30. Listen to Escape while drinking a pina colada on the beach.
  31. Go skydiving. Bungee jumping. Zip lining.
  32. Meet a celebrity and hang with them for an entire day. Preferably a writer, so I can bounce ideas off them and ask them questions and annoy them.
  33. Learn how to throw knives.
  34. Meet someone at the top of the Empire State Building.
  35. Go to Tiffany’s and get a Cracker Jack prize ring engraved.
  36. Plant a tree and watch it grow through the years.




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