Night-Air Freedom

I’m a bit nauseous from swinging for so long like a child. My hair flying and smile etched on my face, my feet reaching towards the sky. Caroli was beside when I finally suggested we went to the lake.

I rush down the dock, leaping and laughing. Caroli, more cautious calls for me to slow down as she walks. She’s afraid of something I cannot see, maybe the dark waters, alligators lurking in the muddy depths.

I lie down on the wooden boards and look at the never-ending sky, the full moon shining on the dark waters. She lies next to me, music playing.

There is nothing holding onto me, freedom seemed to sing from every direction. The night did that to me, it made me feel strong and unafraid. Almost tipsy with laughter and wishes, I let the night wind hug me.

‘I love how you can tell the world is round.’ Caroli remarks logically and I smile.

‘I don’t like how you can only see so far.’ I remark sadly, pointing at the horizon. ‘the rest of the world hidden.’

We just let it be for a while. We just exist. No words, a serene silence. I glance at her, my best friend, the one that most people don’t see because of the layers of sass and snarky comments she shrouds herself in. But there…I saw someone who deeply cared and someone I loved.

There, we were free to be who we truly wanted to be. No one could judge us. No one could hear us talking or singing. No one could see us reach up towards the stars, and talk about the expanse.

And then they tell us it’s time to go, as we walked back, the walls slowly were rebuilt.

But I knew this night…for a moment we were free…


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