I Feel Misunderstood

I feel constantly misunderstood.

I defend people I love, and I am called rude. Tormenting my friends and family is not taken lightly, and I will not stand by and watch you make fun or slander them.

When I am quiet, people take it as if I dislike them. What if I tend to listen before speaking? What if I try to speak and I’m always cut off?

My ambitions are considered foolish. If I do what I love, and I’ve prayed about it, shouldn’t I do it?

My humbleness is mistaken for low self-esteem. I do not want to paint myself in a good light, I want the glory to go to Christ.

My rants are blamed on my hormones. Maybe it is because I’m angry about things that I really don’t want to discuss with others?

To tell you the truth…every day I feel as if I cannot do anything right. That I will never be good enough. And it makes me really, really sad. Because I would love to meet their expectations, but I am not here to please them.

I am here to please Christ. I am here to make a difference. I am here to be me, and not be fake.

Christ is my greatest friend, He listens and He knows my struggles, my failures, and He never misunderstands me.

That thought keeps me going.



7 thoughts on “I Feel Misunderstood”

  1. Life is just a contradiction in itself. There’s not much you can do except just be yourself. Yes you will gain criticism no matter what you do but just hold your head up high!! As long as you’re happy with yourself, that’s all that really counts 🙂


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