I Will Miss Your House Too

In response to my friend Sunny’s post.

Change is on the move and I don’t think any of us like it.

You’re moving out of your lovely house. The house I know you love so much with its blue walls and beach-like atmosphere. The family pictures hung on the walls and your brother’s squeals echo.

I remeber when I left my old house. I wasn’t very old, so don’t have quite as many memories as you–but I still love that house. With its green tile in the foyer and the couch that withstood our jumping feet in order to escape lava. But like all memories, it’s far from my grasp.

This is God’s plan, He knows where you’re headed, and this part of the grand scheme of things.

You will make new memories that I am sure of. And one day, you will look back and see. See that this was for the best.

And who knows maybe one day you’ll return to that small house on the triangle street. And you’ll buy it, and make some memories with your family.

Life is unpredictable.


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