One Year, One Girl, & Tons of Dreams

I believe that words make all the difference. I know the effect of my words. Everything I say reflects who I am, what I am thinking.

Maybe that is why I made this blog. Because I thought I could share my thoughts and opinions with people, and they couldn’t see the face behind it. My face. Maybe it’s because I thought it would encourage me to write more, to get out there. Maybe it’s because I felt lonely, and there was no one who really understood me.

Whatever the reason, I’m glad I made the leap. That uncomfortable and unsettling leap. Because though I didn’t know it then…change was coming. Friends, love,Β school, life, family, philosophies, dreams, music, even this blog: have transformed. Through it all, this blog had been an outlet from reality. Somewhere people always supported and cared, and a place my thoughts came together, making sense.

Sometimes, I go back and read to the beginning. They form a time-line of the last year. I would love to share my favorite posts of this year:

Crushes…And How I Cope–one of my very first posts, a lot has changed. My writing style, my actual crush, and I don’t use that many gifs (I should.) But…it shows how much I thought it would work, and how much hope a girl can have.

Categories Are Foolish, Here’s Why–I was really proud of this post. I argued against labels and showed how inner beauty should be more important.

I Played Cards With Rudy Steiner–I did, well sort of…he’s his modern-era twin. I love Rudy, and his double. So meeting this kid was a dream come true. Read how I describe him, and how excited I was to meet him.

Flaws–This post describes perfectly. It is me, and I remember writing this…just crying.

An All White Affair And Choir?–Dancing, socializing, a lot happened that weekend. this is a detailed account of it. My crazy adventure.

They Fell Apart–My hopes and fears for my friendships. I hope they all grow to be what they all wanted to become.

Alone–She was alone. Terribly and hopelessly alone, and so she clung to her blog. That is the meaning behind the story.

Someone?–The truth about waiting.

I’m Liv–Sort Of–The most honest post I’ve ever written. The truth about my life, and what I had tried to hide.

Ropes–A post about relationships in my life, and how I am never going to let go.

I Am Sorry–My most popular post ever, I opened my heart and spoke truthfully about how I felt.

Whatever happens in the next year, I hope that this blog stays with me. I hope y’all stay with me.













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