The Pink Flamingos

Happy Valentine’s Day friends, I ate a lot of chocolate today, watched a ton of TV, and slept for three hours when I got home from my retreat on the couch.

I love going away from my family, because when I come home I just appreciate them more, and how much joy they pour into my life.

I guess I should update y’all on my life, so here it goes.

I went to a church retreat this weekend, and it was…amazing. I feel closer to Christ and the group of girls I am blessed to have stayed with. I’ve grown SO much closer to them as well (close enough to wash my hair in the sink, and let them take embarrassing videos and post them on social media.)

We were the Pink Flamingos for our recreation team, and we weren’t the best team, but we had a ton of fun. That is the point right? I dominated on the tricycle race!

So anyways, most of our time was spent cracking jokes, talking about our faith,Β having deep discussions, jamming in the car, EATING at 2 in the morning, putting on fake tattoos (our gang tats), and dancing.

I got new nicknames besides Liv. I am now…Classy and Graceful. They’re very proud of me, and told me I was going to make it far in life, which almost made me cry.

Anywho, got home today and I am still extremely tired….so I’m going to leave on the note that this Valentine’s Day weekend has been great. Sure, I didn’t get a note of affection or a date, but I got to hang with a lovely group of girls.

As my friend Sassy said yesterday, ‘Liv you’re my galantine. Much love. <3’


14 thoughts on “The Pink Flamingos”

      1. Hahaha I’m sure we could make a fabulous breakfast pizza, together. And thanks for inspiring me to grab the Reeses minis. Btw do you have any other social media that would be easier to talk on?
        And crap I’m going to die, I heard whistling and I’m home alone 😱😱

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      2. I’m glad I inspires someone today to eat. *completing life goals*
        I only have Pinterest :P.
        Oh my gosh! Cover yourself in blankets, they’ll never find you!

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