The Bookworm Award

Apologies to Aspen, you’ve nominated me for so many awards, and I’ve been extremely busy. This award is super interesting though, so I thought I’d give it a go.

The Rules:

1. Create a new post
2. Copy and paste the rules and story so far
3. Continue the story by writing one paragraph that someone else can add on to. Make sure you add a link to your blog above your paragraph so we know who has wrote what.

Drama Llama 2016
I don’t want to move. My head is throbbing, and my cheeks are stinging from my tears. The doctor said the voices were supposed to stop after the procedure, but I keep hearing them. At first I thought it was a side effect from the medication, but I heard the
same message saying the exact same thing every where I go; You think you can hide pretty girl, you can’t, you can’t hide from what you’ve done to poor Faye.

AKA The Author
The nurse walks into the room with a smile. “Hi there sweetheart, how are you feeling today?” She really means to ask if the voices are still in my head. “Very good” I can’t tell them they’re still here, I’ll never leave. She knows you’re lying! You’ve got to get out! Hurry, punch through the window! I fly towards the glass, my forearm going straight through it. “You’re a traitor” I scream. “They…. they told me.”

Liv–The voices scream at me as I run faster and faster. The shouts of chaos fad. They’ll find you in the end, they always find you. It seems to echo, I grab my arm and cringe at the sight. You cannot hide from you ugly past anymore, there is no way to conceal it. I hear sirens, I hear footsteps, but I keep running, though now I know…that I am found. ‘Help me.’ I gasp out as I stumble on, but the voices stay silent, they would no longer help.

I hope it’s good!

And also, from this time, I might not take anymore nominations since I am failing to receive them. So thank you guys for being amazing!





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