Peter Pan

Dear Peter Pan, if you receive letters, will you take me away?

From the deceit that I’ve seen? The lies I’ve told?

From the loves that hold me in chains? From reality?

Because I may be a good, but I am not an angel. And I may be bad, but I am not a devil. The lines between good and bad, is so thin. Black and white, but I am so gray. I feel as if I am a criminal, and the world is chasing my shadow.

My shadow, she haunts me when the light flickers at night. She dances on the wall and is freer than I will ever be.

I volunteer my services to be the first Lost Girl. I don’t need to be Wendy, no I’m far too imaginative for that, and not quite as level-headed. But I am lost, and do not mind boys.

I have never decided if you areย good or bad, maybe that is why I have always liked your character. You were gray, like me. You do good for the name of love and fun, but you also kill, steal, lie.

So take my hand, and lead me away from the confusion.




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