Labels. I Loathe Them.

‘Hello my name is’…name tags annoy me. Because if I wore one by what everyone knows me by, the name tag would stretch for miles.

‘Hello my name is…Liv, weird, uptight, nerd, geek, no fun, stupid, mute, quiet, mature, immature, loud, quiet, stupid, L’s sister.’

Whether you want to admit it or not, what people call you affects who you are. When I was eleven, a bunch of guys I knew, called me a mute. Because I was shy.

Sometimes, I am a nerd and a geek. Because I enjoy Lord of The Rings and Star Trek. Because  I get good grades.

Sometimes, I am uptight and no fun, because I’m not joining in on throwing food at others, or I don’t want to learn to longboard.

For years after, these labels bother me. Just because someone is different than you does not you can slap a label on them. Is it to make yourself feel better?

It hurts me. I don’t want say anything, because then I would be called ‘sensitive.’ But–people forget I am who I am. You just cannot pick and choose what you like about a person, and make fun of the rest of them.

I am Liv. Sure, I’m not perfect because I’m human. I have issues. I have good days and really, really bad days. There are days where I’m going to be extremely quiet. There are days where I will be hilarious and fun-loving. There will be days where I need a shoulder to cry on and a hug.

But through it all, I am still Liv. I never change.


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