We Forget They’re Human

When I was younger, I watched to Rawhide and fell in love with Clint Eastwood. Unbeknownst to me, when I looked him up to see his age…a picture a older gentleman appeared. The age popped up as 85. Then, I was confused.

Why I thought celebrities never aged, still lingers with me.

When Christopher Lee died last year, it shocked me. I wanted him to live forever and beat Betty White in being the oldest celebrity alive (sorry Betty). He was the strict librarian in Hugo, he was Dracula, he was the villain in 007′, and maybe most important to me was Saruman.

Then there was Robin Williams. Williams always made me laugh. He forever was the alien in Happy Days, he was Genie, he was Mrs. Doubtfire, he was Teddy Roosevelt. It just didn’t click…

Audrey Hepburn: dead 1993. Marilyn Monroe: dead, 1962. Cray Grant, dead 1982. Lauren Bacall, dead 2014. I didn’t like looking up my favorite characters to find them dead.

I forget they’re human. That they have struggles. That they have to die of old age. That even the happiest sometimes are inwardly hurting. That sickness can touch their mink coats. That even a Oscar or a Grammy cannot protect you from it.

So when I heard today that David Bowie is dead. At first I was shocked, but not anymore. I’ll miss him surely and I will keep listening to ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘Let’s Dance.’ But…just like us all he eventually died.

They may be legends, but they are not invincible.


6 thoughts on “We Forget They’re Human”

  1. Like Elm said, this is beautifully written. I’m so sad that he died, and of cancer. But you’re right. No-one lives forever and everyone’s time eventually comes to an end, no matter how scary that is for us to admit.

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