She Is Surprised

I am one person. I only can do so much.

When I started this blog, I wanted to a place to write my scattered thoughts. I started with a couple ideas and a blank space. For the first couple months, I wrote weird articles with gifs. But I knew, that wasn’t what I wanted for my blog. So I started posting poetry and stories.

They all seem different, unless you look close. Usually they mention a she. It wasn’t my intention at first, but now I do it on purpose, because that she’s you, she’s my friends, she’s my family. But she is me most of all.

The Chronicles of She.

She has no name, because she is made to relate with everyone. And people apparently do…thus the reason 200 lovely people have followed me.

I feel so humbled by this experience. I never thought that people would really read a fifteen year-old’s writings. I never thought I would receive such support. I never thought it would challenge me so much.

I am blessed by y’all every day. By the comments you write, by your posts, by being able to support y’all.

So thank you (though that feels so shallow, because my thanks runs SO deep). Thank you for reading Liv. For reading about my life, about she, about sleepless nights and all white- affairs, and about trying to decipher the world’s complicated code.


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