In Her Own Skin

She is content.

She is joyful.

For the first time in her life…

She isn’t worried. She doesn’t care what they think of her. What they whisper about her. Because like her, they are only people.

She wants to rise above petty lies and gossip.

She wants to forgive them.

She doesn’t want to swallow their words and contain her anger anymore. No! She wants the hear them and smile.

They were not going to stop her. No one was going to stop her.

She was free.

She could wear what she wanted to wear.

She could eat what she could she wanted eat.

She could be silly and geeky and talk a million words a minute if she wanted.

She could rip off the shell, and dance or be shy. She could sing or sit. She could have fun for goodness sake.

Because her happiness wasn’t bought or found in those people; the fickle crowd they were.

No, her happiness was found in Christ. He loved her the way she was.

He washed her clean…He helped to forget. To forget the bitterness, the hurt, the haters, the insecurities, and the person she had tried so hard to get rid of on her own.

He’s always been there, in that little Bible on her bed stand, at church, in her family. He was always inside her as well, she just forgets sometimes.

She is happy to say she finally content with her own skin.


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