There is a space between us that deepens and widens with every angry word.

We are separated by a fraying rope, the strings breaking.

Under us is a dark abyss, where our demons and temptations whisper for us to fall.

On our opposite sides, windy fields filled plenty and treasures steal our eyes.

We were not always in this situation, somehow we broke.

Your words strike my innocence and injure my soul. I teeter on giving up on you.

But when I find myself falling, I grip the rope tighter for love of you.

You tell me to leave, to let go of hope and the fire we lit, but I never will.

For once we danced on this same rope, hand in hand.

Our temptations called and we laughed.

Our demons whispered and we covered each other’s ears.

Our dreams of riches and plenty, disappeared in the midst of all.

Perhaps, we are broken, but this rope is stronger than most, holding on for us.


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