The Chaos Is Somehow Beautiful

Every house has a secret tunnel or place that as a child you thought was the most beautiful cranny.

I have one. I haven’t visited it in a while, but today I did.

My house a large roof, and a flat deck part. Many people know that, but concealed from the front and the back, is a third roof. A flat deck that is quite small and windy. From there you can the whole neighborhood, and the wind whips around you. To reach it you have to climb around the fireplace (keep in mind the roof is extremely steep, so it is dangerous, slipping might mean death).

Assigned to paint it, I took the journey with my trusty IPod and paint. Up there, I am completely alone. There something so fulfilling in being splattered with paint, listening to music, and watching the world work.

Tonight,  I am going to a dance. Not your typical dance but a Pride and Prejudge kind of thing. Gorgeous gowns, and fancy dancing, with fairy lights. I am wearing green velvet dress, with a sweetheart neckline, my hair up in a bun, pearls. Simple, yet sweet.

I sit writing to y’all in that dress, but still paint splattered. The tan paint and the green dress do not seem to mix. Yet…somehow the chaos is beautiful.


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