2015 Blogger Award Nominations

My nominations….

Blogger of the year: This has to go to Elm, she always commenting and encouraging blogs. She’s one of the first people who found me.

Blog of the year: My favorite blog which always makes me smile and is my lovely blogging twin (we have so much in common sometimes we’re freaked out) is Aspen. She a wonderful writer, who thinks deeply and writes with a passion that is hard to find.

But I also couldn’t live without my real-life friend and one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet, Sunny, she’s been with me since the VERY beginning and I LOVE her.

Kindest Blogger: Agh, everyone is so lovely and kind, but I’d have to say Em. She is always writing the nicest comments, and really…I couldn’t live without them.

Funniest Blogger: I really don’t actually know for this one. I don’t follow many funny blogs, I’m realizing so I’ll leave this one blank. But if anyone knows of a funny blog, please tell me.

Best photo taker: Oh of course it’s Caitlyn, I’m quite jealous of her amazing skills.

Best adviser: So many people have given me tons of advice but Ramexa. is so poetic and her advice always touches my soul.

The newbie: It has to be Dizey, she is so popular in such a short amount of time.

Prettiest blog: Um……I really think that Dreams and Movie Screens.

The most helpful blogger: Sunny, she says I’m a majestic unicorn guys, that is the most helpful phrase of all.

Most optimistic blogger: HappyAlex, happiness seems to flow from her blog.






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