I promised I would never leave.

I promised myself I would never love again.

I promised I would never cry.

I promise too many people too many different things.

I forget. I lose track. I give up or give in.

So many promises forgotten in the motions. So many promises unable to be kept because circumstances and change.

People remind me of promises. Too many and they slip through your hands, guilt and horror scarring your life. Not many and you feel untrusted, lonely, and unloved.

Some are meant to be kept forever and change everything.

Some are fragile and break easily, making you lose everything.


9 thoughts on “Promises”

  1. This was such an amazing piece of work. It told such a sad story in such few words, I hope it doesn’t apply to you personally, and if so talk to me if you ever need too. Beautiful work, Liv, keep writing x

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