Finally Waking Up…

I overthink my life.

I overcomplicate the simple.

I dream too much.

I try to think everything is perfect, but is not.

I like to make dull moments magical, force whimsy where none is needed.

I want to conquer the evils, I want to the best. I want to set examples and influence people.

The girl in me is crying, the young woman is realizing slowly but surely something…

I cannot fix everything. I cannot make people see magic. I cannot expect people to understand me.

I need to open up more. I need to stop thinking so much. I need to stop expecting things. I need to stop sitting in this corner for so long, writing down philosophical poems and finishing books, or just dreaming away for hours because it’s never going to happen.

I’m naïve, simply put.

I need to wake up.




12 thoughts on “Finally Waking Up…”

  1. Hey hon.
    Remember when I finally figured out how naive I was, and reached the point where I wanted to give up on love?
    And you told me not to. You said the world is still magical, and that love is still there. And I believed you.
    I still do 🙂

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  2. Please don’t. Please don’t give up on the dreams inside of you. You say that your dreams will come true and that your so naive. The problem isn’t your dreams, it’s that you haven’t put them into action. If so many dreamers hadn’t put their own dreams into action we wouldn’t have many of the amazing things we have today.

    Oh, and Liv? Dreamers are the best sort of people. They’re the future.

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