She’s alone.

She sits in her little corner, surrounded by school, papers, and the large computer. She writes and reads and dream in her corner. She listens to her melancholy music here as well.

In her corner…she can drown out the world. She can hear herself think. She can be something else–someone else.

She talks to her characters, asking their opinions, seeking advice, and sometimes she cries with them.

She cries a lot. Tears spill as she writes angrily.

Here, she is invisible, people forget she exists. She can go for hours without human contact, only her thoughts to keep her company.

When she leaves her seat and climbs the stairs back to reality, life comes crashing in and she never is ready. She misses her fantasies already.

Where good wins. Where romance roams. Where there are fields of wildflowers she can frolic through. Where people can defeat their weaknesses.

People tell her to wake up, but she doesn’t want to. People tell her to grow up, but she refuses to let go. People tell her one day she’ll realize her life is too illogical.

No! She cries as they surround her. She shields her ears and rocks back and forth. No! No! No!

She flees to her tower of sanctuary.

She’s alone–in a way.





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