5 Day Challenge: Day Three

Agh, headache and I have to go babysit the multitudes later. At least I get paid…I need money for Christmas or I might have to go beg on the street.

Day Three: Three places you want to visit.

(Note: This is like one of my favorite topics, and I dream of traveling the world, so this question had made my day.)

Scotland: I was 8, and I don’t know…I planned my trip, I listened to the national anthem on repeat. I want to visit the castles and the battlegrounds where William Wallace fought bravely. I love the rain and the cliffs, the mist, the aura of the whole land. I also love Nessie.

New Zealand: The place where my favorite movies were filmed. I would love to get just explore it.

Germany: I don’t why really, it just seems like a beautiful and history packed place. And history always has to be involved. I also have a friend who used to live there, so I could take him and he could tour me around.


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