5 Day Challenge: Day 2

Here I am. Day 2. Thank you Dizey for making this lovely challenge!

Day 2: 7 things that cross your mind a lot!

1.) What if this never works out–my writing and my whole life?

2.) I wonder what they’re thinking…about me or about a random internet video on cats?

3.) What color are my eyes and how come I can figure out everyone else’s eyes color but my own?

4.) I REALLY wish we had magical realms, and that you could travel to each as vacations. Like, I went and visited Narnia for the week.

5.) Gosh, why are the mosquitos still biting. Shouldn’t they be dead or something since it’s ‘cold’ out.

6.) I wish I had someone to sing the romantic Christmas songs to me. Right now it’s just Michael Buble and I.

7.) I really love coffee and I hope I can persuade Mum to take me to Starbucks.


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