They Fell Apart

They thought they were invincible. Top of the world. Humanity had not touched them or tainted their pure coats. They were still in their prime, gathering ideas and culture. They were still naïve and full of hope. They promised to stay together forever.

They danced around the world, smelling the flowers.

They fell apart.

One by one.

One got swept away to the coastal edge of the world, so far from their kingdom. She got her wishes of a always happy life, she explored and was always laughing. She kept her hair braided in flowers and dreamy-eyed. She was a fountain of youth.

One got called abroad for college. She gained more knowledge than them all. She could quote Emerson and Shakespeare. She got to travel, and see the Eiffel tower and the Great Wall of China, she spoke multiple languages, and people considered her the greatest thinker of our time.

One moved to the Savannah, and took care of lions and leopards, the elephants lined up as well, and people called her the ‘animal’ whisperer as she was always found talking to her pets. She grew tan and still took interest in fashion.

One got married. Out of all of them–this one succeeded first in catching a man, even though she thought she could never. She had many red-headed children full of magical thoughts she planted in them. She took them on annual Disney trips and let them roam in her forest, playing Peter Pan and the Lost boys. Her only girl proudly carried herself as Wendy and was splendid as the part.

The last–well she went to the country she always dreamed of. She wrote and pedaled her trusty bike to the small villages, picking through the gossip for juicy story ideas. People remarked that she always was seen dancing and talking to inanimate objects. She became later, a famous writer who told the legend of the four friends.

Her friends.

The blonde who lit your day with one smile and seemed to carry herself as if life was not a burden. The one who looked for the good in everything.

The brunette who always wanted to know and see the world for what it was, not how it seemed.

The caramel who was sassy but had a heart for animals and a few people.

The other brunette who brought a taste of magic and love for children wherever she went.

They stayed in her heart. They never saw each other again, but sometimes…at the same moment they would remember a memory and smile.

So in a way, they never did break their promises.


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