Math Will Be The Death of Me

Hello. It’s Liv, a bit torn–mostly tired and scared about tomorrow. Let me explain.

Tomorrow is the SAT. Not a big deal…really, unless you’re me and stress about every test.

I was fine earlier, but I got home and my mom starting to tell me what I needed and all of these logistics and I freaked. I screamed and cried. Because my mind went from a simple test, that I can retake and retake until I’m blue in the face, to test-fail-no college-no writing-no Scotland-no one wants to marry someone incompetent-panic. That’s about how my brain works.

My biggest concern is math. I mean, have I ever mentioned how badly math and I get along? We’ve been enemies since Kindergarten, I declared my dislike the first time I saw equations. In middle school, I tried multiple math programs and planned to murder my math teacher. In high school I had a tutor and really loved her, than she retired. This year I’m really struggling with Geometry, which WILL be the deathΒ of me. In SAT Prep, I mostly zoned out writing poetry about death–the cause math–and pretending to shoot myself. So, it’s a concern I’m going to flunk miserably.

And I’m going to a high school I’ve never been to, and I know no one which always freaks me out. I’ll be clicking my pen a 100 miles and hour and chewing my gums raw. I’ll be there for 4 hours.

The only plus is getting coffee afterwards. It will be a beacon in a long and arduous journey.

Anywho…the reason behind being tired is because I have had enough coffee and I hardly ate and school has drained the energy from my system. Probably SAT Prep mostly, though today we talked about writing, which is more bearable than math.

There. Done. I finished my rant.



24 thoughts on “Math Will Be The Death of Me”

  1. Hey now, nothing to worry about! If you’re constantly studying you WILL get good results. I’m having more bogus days then ever. My exams are literally next week!

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  2. Hey, please, try not to panic. I’m not sure how it works over in America, but I get just as stressed from tests. It’s scary, but I know you can manage it. Just take a deep breath, and keep the heck calm. That’s really big of me to say, but just go with it. Try your best, because that’s the best you can do.

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  3. MATH THO. It’s going to be the death of me. I have all my teachers telling me to work harder in math because it drops my entire average by a lot. It’s pretty horrible. So I know what you’re going through on that level πŸ™‚
    And trust me the SATs are a breeze. And since it’s your first try, don’t freak out all that much πŸ™‚ You’ll get another shot at it πŸ™‚

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  4. Don’t worry, please! What happens, happens, and you don’t have much control over what happens now. You’ve prepared to the best of your ability and I’m sure you’ll do amazing! I always stress out over tests, it’s normal.

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  5. Girl. You’ve got this. Tell your silly little brain to shut up and let your mind go I AM AN AMAZING AWESOME BEAUTIFUL UNICORN! πŸ˜‰
    I KNOW, for sure and absolute certain, that you will do well on this ❀

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