30 Things I Am Grateful For

This week is Thanksgiving. So I probably will be traveling and spending time with my lovely family. Both sides.

My Dad’s side has the it on Thanksgiving day and is a bit stiff. It’s is told that if you smack while sitting next my Grandad, he will smack you with his fork. (He’s VERY proper.) But it’s always nice to see them and converse with my older cousins.

Then the next day it is my Mom’s side. Many memories are made every year there. Maybe it’s because she lives in 100 acres and we get to go on a hayride and four wheel around with my younger, crazier cousins. We’ll eat outside under the old tree, our feet up, laughing, and making fun of their boyfriends. Then we might go shopping, and we’ll stay up late running around outside playing manhunt or just being dumb. My Dad and Uncles will go hunting, or watch football (I think the Gator vs. Seminole game is that day, and that is a necessity. Down with the Seminoles!) My Aunts will talk about college and babies and what not. And my Grandma will be giving out wise advice. My Grandpa will be covered in smaller children who cannot get enough of the smell of his cologne.


30 things I am extremely grateful for.

  1. My faith in God. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  2. My lovely family and all of their quirks.
  3. My friends and how they always support me.
  4. Coffee, because it makes me a better person.
  5. Chocolate, because um…again a better person.
  6. Music. Because it is always there for me.
  7. Cats, especially Ginny, Jasper, Oscar, Carbon, and many others in my extended cat family.
  8. My lovely dog Sadie, she always manages to make me feel better.
  9. Trees, especially Elaine, she’s the crate-merdel who fills me with joy.
  10. Blogging, and people finally understanding me.
  11. My blogging friends, shout outs to Aspen, Em, Elm, and Sunny, you guys fill my life with so much advice and joy.
  12. Writing, a good piece of paper and pen or just a keyboard. That is all I need in a crisis.
  13. Reading, for all the places it’s taken me, and where it is going to take me.
  14. Books, for your lovely smell and crinkled pages. You each are a story.(Not counting that you actually are a story.)
  15. Antiques, you dusty, old, filled with whimsical items that I love so.
  16. Broadway. Agh, it is the most beautiful thing when people can break out in song.
  17. Geekery. LOTR, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Narnia, Sherlock, and so many others make life way better. But especially LOTR, I mean who could live without elves and hobbits. No one.
  18. Road trips. Though they seem horrible at the time with all the long hours of driving, I love them, because there are many memories attached.
  19. Long sleepless nights. Because they teach me many lessons, and leave me wanting another.
  20. Movies, especially classics. I love the magic you leave sprinkled in my living room.
  21. Quotes. Because they leave me speechless and I tuck them in my head so I may remember them forever.
  22. Dancing, because when I twirl in a large dress, I feel like a princess.
  23. Staircases, I feel like royalty when I climb the twisty ones.
  24. Long phones calls, because I love a good chat with someone who actually wants to talk to me.
  25. Letters, because someone took the time to write me. I think it is amazing.
  26. River runs and picnic lunches. For the days I swim with otters and the days I pretend to be a explorer. It is always better in the cold springs of Florida.
  27. For Tijuana Flat dinners and McDonalds lunches. Because I’m always surrounded by friends and we are always having a great time.
  28. For cheesy and inside jokes. I don’t know why, but they fill me with joy.
  29. For my crushes and my current one. Because I’ve learned many lessons from y’all, and I have learned that sometimes waiting is better.
  30. For good food. I’m glad I’m surrounded by people who can cook.


If you made it to the end of this post, congrats. You are the true and faithful readers.

Happy Thanksgiving! May yours be filled with mirth and lots and lots of yummy food! ❤


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