Sometimes I Just Need A Classic & Chocolate


When the world is dark and bleak and everyone seems to wear black and frown at me. I watch a classic.

Always have, always will.

They are the movies that help me through everything. They give me fashion advice (50’s and 60’s fashion was the best). They help me cry when I can’t seem to make the tears come and I REALLY want them to. They help me smile and feel dream-like.

When life gets hard, I always find the right classic that gives me the right advice. A tidbit that I hold onto.

An Affair To Remember


People simply don’t understand that. They think that classics are boring and movies without color are dull. But movies without color give you something to imagine, you can make up the character’s dress if you like. And classics are original.

When I start naming off old actors and actresses people look at me as if I am insane. It’s not that I’m insane, liking something that people usually do not, doesn’t make people insane. No, I just appreciate them.

So…this weekend I’m going to make some time for myself (I haven’t done it lately), make myself some hot chocolate or something, find a classic, and have a good cry and add some amazing movie advice under my belt, because that is what I need. I need a good cry and a good love story.

Maybe I’m a bit too romantic, because I love the happy endings, I love the movies where I can cry my eyes out in the middle but smile by the end.

And nothing can do it better than a classic.




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