Think of all the people you’ve secretly crushed on. All the people you just found attractive as you walked by them. People you loved for a brief second. People you dreamed about night and day.

And now think of how many people you have been that to. And…you don’t even know.

Someone thought of you today randomly or someone saw you and thought you were attractive.

Someone said, ‘it will never happen.’

But you will never know who or why.

Now think about this–someone mentioned you today.

Not necessarily negatively or positively, but they mentioned you.

Maybe they saw something and exclaimed, ‘So and so would LOVE this!’ Or maybe they were with their friends and said to the rest, ‘I wish so and so could be here.’

They of course didn’t dwell on you, but someone thought of you for a brief second.

Or maybe they did dwell on you.

Who knows?


15 thoughts on “Whoa…”

  1. It’s scary how true this is and how obsessed I am with the idea….ever since I found out a guy I had barely ever even talked to has had a crush on me for three years, I just can’t let it go. Like that moment when your nose itches and you’re like, omg, maybe the superstition is right. Maybe somebody really is thinking of me…you know?

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  2. I feel that way about my wife, to this day, and we’ve been together 23 years. I still steal glances, watch work the room at a party, or just spy her when we’re perusing an antique store.


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