What Does Liv Listen To?

Have you ever just sat down and wondered, what does Liv listen to?

Probably not. I mean…I’m not famous, but I’m going to tell you anyway because I want to. 😛 And I’m trying to write a happy post because lately I’ve been writing these sad gibberish posts (terribly sorry about that).

Liv’s Playlist (At the moment, it changes frequently…)

Break My Stride–Matthew Wilder. It’s an old song but really helps me through the day.

Hero–Family Of the Year. Makes me cry, and I don’t know…it’s beautiful. Reason enough.

Doubt–Twenty One Pilots. I relate to this song too much, and of course it’s Twenty-One Pilots.

Can’t Help Falling In Love–Hayley Reinhart. This song made me cry because it was in a lovely gum commercial and then I found it to listen to forever.

R.I.P. 2 My Youth–The Neighborhood. Y’all are starting to wonder what is up with my music story. I’m sorry it’s all over the place.

The Beach–The Neighborhood. Again, it’s The Neighborhood and they are so amazing.

One Call Away–Charlie Puth. He is a beautiful angel. And I need a guy who sings as amazingly as him.

Hollow–Tori Kelly. I relate to this song WAY too much.

Hello–Adele. She’s back, I’m very happy. This song is one of those songs I listen to over and over because it’s too good to be true.

So that’s it right now. Well, I listen to other music but I listen to those on a daily basis.

I hope this is happier post….


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