I want to be someone’s dream. I want to be a drifting thought that they try to hold onto.

I want to make someone smile when all hope is lost.

I want to make someone laugh when life is bleak.

I want to dance slowly with someone, where time just seems to…stop.

I want someone to sing with me, where we know all the words.

I want someone to cry with, that understands my pain and doesn’t judge me.

I want someone to travel with, who can navigate well and be adventurous.

I want someone I can call up at any time, and they’ll listen.

I want someone who can dream with me.


Unrealistic, maybe. Childish, possibly.

Someone. But not him, and not him, just him.

Maybe I’m too finicky.

The princes are coming one by one but none of them catch my eye, except the one who was forced to be in my presence, and will simply not even glance my direction.

I try to catch his eye so badly. I try to make him jealous. I try to be with him.

But he will not look.

One day the dance will end. The clock will strike twelve. Everyone will leave, including him. And I will be so alone.

I will turn from the blossoming princess into the pauper. My glittering dress will be rags and my glass slippers will break.

All because I wanted him so bad, I overlooked everyone else. And Prince Charming was on the other side of the room.

And he was trying so hard to pry my attention away….


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