Sisterhood of the World Award

Hello all, Liv here…again. Can I just say something? It surprises me when people read my blog, that people actually care what I think.

1.) Thank the person who nominated you and share the award on your blog.

Thank you Ramexa! Guys–if you haven’t checked out her blog, please do. She’s absolutely fabulous!

2.) Nominate 10 other bloggers and notify them.

3.) Write down 10 different questions for them to answer.

Ramexa’s Questions:

1.) Which is/are your favorite book/books of all time?

Answer: I love The Book Thief, Anne of Green Gables (the whole series), Narnia, Lord of The Rings…wait…stop Liv…the list is getting too long.

2.) What makes you wanna write?

Answer: Words. They’re how I live. I breathe words, and I couldn’t imagine not writing down my thoughts–I think I would just rather die.

3.) What does love mean to you?

Answer: Well–love to me is the most wonderful feeling. When someone says they love me (like my family and friends, don’t worry I haven’t found a guy yet) it fills me with a sense of wonder that someone could love me with all my flaws and insaneness.

4.) How do you get over YOUR insecurities?

Answer: Honestly, I haven’t got over them, they’re still following me and taunting. But I face them, sword in hand, but they always defeat me. One day though, I will be stronger.

5.) Who is your crush of all time and why? (Please do add a pic as well)

Answer: I like a lot of people. But to narrow it down….

Gilbert Blythe.
James Dean. Rebel Without A Cause. Classic.
Cary Grant. ❤
Clint Eastwood. Rawhide. Best show ever.

I have a problem….

6.) How would you change the world?

Answer: I would share my faith about Christ.

7.) Which are your current favorite songs?

Answer: I’m really into The Beach by The Neighborhood at the moment.

8.) Write a six word story.

Clueless, she carelessly wandered to doom.

9.) What motivates YOU?

Answer: My dreams and hope.

10.) Love, money or luck?

Answer: Money will fade. Luck will somehow vanish. Love is steadfast.


Whoever. I’m feeling lazy.


1.) Do you like coffee or tea?

2.) Do you like exercising?

3.) What are your thoughts on social media?

4.) Do you prefer writing stories or poems?

5.) If you could one famous person who would it be?

6.) What is your favorite sound?

7.) Favorite superhero?

8.) If you could only pick one, would you live without: books or music?

9.) Are you lazy?

10.) Have you ever had a weird, crazy dream?


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