An All White Affair And Choir?

I did two things this weekend I would never ever do.

First was the all white affair. Sounds glamorous. But really all it was a bunch of dancing and blurring together to make a white dress fiasco.

Some people (me) do not own a white dress, so spent their perfectly good weekend on shopping for a white dress. We ended the search with a cream, lacy, 50ish dress.

I love the dress–but it was an all white affair.

We arrive, and 50 girls are dancing. And I stand awkwardly on the sidelines hoping for a miracle. (A miracle being a someone shooting me or a train running me over.Maybe a flaming DeLorean to come and Marty Mcfly to take me away, it is 2015…I have hope.)

But I’m stuck there because who wants leave someone’s birthday early, no one.

And then it happened. They played. SHAKE. IT. OFF. That song is magic. I swear, I started dancing and singing and twirling and scaring the girls I had been hanging with.

And after that I whipped and wobbled and a bunch of other things I would never do anywhere else.

I hung with the girls I dislike.

I didn’t eat a cupcake(s).

I requested Footloose (it takes courage to request a song, because DJs are scary people).

I was hyper.

I didn’t care what people thought of me.

It was the craziest, weirdest experience.


Next day, I got to choir and Bible Study after church.

I never go. I always attempt going.

I get ready, I get in the car, I jam to the radio in the car, we reach the church, I grab my seat, my stomach lurches, I feel like I’m going to faint, and I refuse to get out.

This week, I actually got out of the car. I cleared my head and walked into the building.

I love singing, so it was fun to harmonize and do some sort of melody.

Bible Study.

On the way, I got to ride with a wonderful woman. She was surprised to see my singing to her 80’s music. that led to a series of questions that went something like this.

Woman: So you listen to Journey?

Me: Yes mam.

Woman: Do you listen to anything else from the 80’s?

Me: Oh yeah, I love all 80’s. Genesis, The Bangles, Whitney Houston, Soft Cell, AC/DC, Billy Joel, you name it.

Woman: *Does a serious double-take* Wow.

When we arrive, I decided I was going to be a friend for the friendless, and hang with this girl, who has a learning disability. She accidently hurt my feelings, she’s a bit loud, but I think she was glad that she had friend. She asked me if I was coming Wednesday church, I told her I would.

I met this awesome guy who sings and likes superheroes. The only cons about his personality is that he likes math and he likes the Seminoles (a Gator fan myself, it was quite a slap in the face, because um…we hate each other.) But he’s nice and I think we could be friends.

So the end result is something has changed this weekend. I’m happier. Maybe I am actually a extrovert.

I take that back, I’m still a introvert, who likes to socialize a bit. 🙂

I still wish Marty Mcfly would have showed…*tear, tear, sniff, sniff*


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