She looked normal, she acted normal for the most part, she sounded normal.

But her heart was full of magic and fairytales. Dreams and quotes. She escaped with her mind. Life was no longer dull. No, it was sparkling. But sometimes people can’t escape reality, it was in those times she found herself hitting walls and walking on glass.

She was sometimes nervous, she had low-esteem, a temper that sometimes controlled her, and that was only a few of her many flaws. Her worst flaw was her strive to be perfect, always perfect–and if she wasn’t perfect, it hurt, and she rejected her beauty, she told herself that she hated herself. Because being who she was wasn’t enough.

But somehow she made it through. Somehow…

She would cry often.

She would throw things often.

She would rant often.

Sometimes she thought about becoming a invisible fairy, so she could escape the ever-looking eyes and the sinister smiles.

But she stayed.

Everyday she stayed. Mixing reality and fairytales.

She fell in love a couple times.

She fell on the ground too many times to count.

And she fell flat on her face for her mistakes multiple times.

She embraced it though.

She embraced her shortcomings.

She embraced her dark side.

She embraced her curves.

She embraced her family and friends.

She embraced her life.

Because in the end, she was truly lovely. Even though she had many flaws.

And sometimes, when no one is looking, she’ll fly away to a different world.


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