Miss America?

“The winner of Miss America is…Liv!”

We all know that would never happen. You don’t even have to ask why…it’s obvious. I cannot meet the qualifications that would make me ‘acceptable’ for Miss America. I’m not pretty enough or fit enough. But I don’t care, the reason I’m writing this is because of the injustice Miss America is doing.

They’re fake. Absolutely fake women. They plaster their faces with makeup, and work themselves for what? A scholarship?

So many little girls look up to them, and it’s a shame. Because I believe a role model should at least be achievable. For some of us, being a size 2 is impossible, being 106 pounds is impossible.

You know what I want? I want Miss America to put real women up on that stage. I don’t want them to whiten their teeth, airbrush their skin, make their faces ‘perfect’. I want them to put women up there who are human–not some unachievable ‘angels.’

The first Miss America is human. She wasn’t a size 2, she didn’t wear a mask. It’s quite refreshing to see her and think tMargaret_Gorman_first_prize_beauty_Altantic_Cityhat Miss America hasn’t always been this way. “Margaret Gorman, was chosen as “Miss District of Columbia” due to her athletic ability, past accomplishments, and outgoing personality.”

She wasn’t chosen because she was ‘gorgeous’, but because of who she was. But when society changes it’s ideals, everything changes.

Does that mean that men want size 2, super fit, fake women? I hope not because most women I know look normal.

I hope men take in account our personalities, our dreams, our humor, our writings, and our intelligence. I hope they see our personalities first and then find us a bit attractive after that.

But I also hope that society will wake up, that the world will wake up, and see what true beauty is. But today is not that day…

Sometimes I wonder if it is just me that thinks this. If anyone else thinks that Miss America is fake. That Miss World is fake. Maybe it is just me.

So congratulations Betty Cantrell on winning Miss America 2016. I hope that one day someone will be brave to step on the stage who does not look like you.



15 thoughts on “Miss America?”

  1. her dress though!!! i love miss america pagents! especially watching one while in yoga pants and a huge sweatshirt eating an entire tub of icecream by yourself saying “i am so much prettier than them” i literally did this and it was so much fun!!

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