Americans. They stand, heads held high, their chins bold and unafraid. Freedom. Stars and stripes. Stars and scars.

Growing up after the tragedy of 9/11, you hear stories. Stories of soldiers who gave their lives, of people who escaped the Twin Towers, of people who watched two planes take the lives of thousands of innocent people.

I am not a survivor myself. I was only one year old. We were celebrating my sister’s birthday at SeaWorld when it began. I can’t remember what happened, all I know from the stories was everyone was shocked.

AMERICA the land of the free and the brave. America proved we were brave that day.

People lost their families and their friends that day. People who did absolutely nothing wrong.




I’m proud to be an American, especially today.

And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there


13 thoughts on “9/11”

      1. In one minute you are at work, and BAM an airplane explode. I can’t imagine what those people who were at the top of the tour felt. They had to decide if they would die there, burn or if they would jump and get it over with. I truly can’t imagine what those people felt, I can’t and I hope I will never figure it out

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      2. They knew all a long they were going to die, they knew the people in the tours would die and they couldn’t do anything, they had no power, I just…I can’t imagine

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  1. The 9/11 was one of the biggest wounds to America but despite the tragedy the country has carried on. I truly feel for every single participant of the tragic event. I’m not an American myself but I happen to love the country very deeply and have hopes of going there sometime in the future.

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