A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Liv,

I’m looking at a picture of you. You’re wearing a boa, clippity-clops, clip-on earrings, sparkly sunglasses, and a tiara to top it off. I think I remember that day, you were dancing around and pretending to be a princess. Sometimes, I wish I could be you again–and I got a taste of it when I was a princess this year in a play. I guess my drama teacher knew me well.

You’re not going to grow up quickly. In fact, all of your childhood whimsies will carry into High School. You’ll start wearing makeup, even though you said you wouldn’t. You’ll start dressing yourself with your own style. You didn’t see yourself change and when you looked in the mirror one day it was all overwhelming.

Liv, you’re going to have crazy dreams. Dreams about moving to Ireland and living on the edge of a cliff, dangling you legs over the edge. Dreams about men and fancy dances. Dreams about writing a award-winning novel. But Liv, never give up on your crazy dreams. Don’t stop hoping for that house, don’t stop wishing for glass slippers or a prince Phillip, and especially don’t stop writing. Because your writing will eventually lead you here–your blog.

But there will be some people who will discourage you and slander you. Don’t listen to them, they find joy in hurting you, you have to stay strong and believe, and one day you’ll show them.

You’ll have support though, your Mom and Dad, your sister. They’ll stand up for you. But a dimpled, blonde-haired, girl will waltz in. You’ll hate her at first, but don’t hold onto that animosity, because she’ll change you. She’ll help you with words of encouragement and you will make some crazy memories together.

It will be a while before you’ll make another good friend. But she’ll change you too. You’ll love classics and sing-offs because of her. She’ll make you do things you’re not altogether comfortable with, that’s good though.

You’re going to like three guys, they will never like you back though. It will break your little innocent heart, but you’ll bounce back every time–stronger, a little less naïve. Right now, I don’t like anyone, just like you.

God, is going to become the best thing that happened to you. Christ is going to help you through EVERYTHING. You’re going to love reading your Bible and falling in love with Him more every day. He will carry you through the tough times and He will stand by your side when you are o.k.

Music will always be your friend. You’ll talk to your radio, complaining about the song their playing. You’ll listen to deep, dark Indie. Twenty-One Pilots. Singer-Songwriters like Birdy, Ed Sherran, and especially Billy Joel–the piano man helps you through life.

And to finish, I’m going to leave you with your favorite song by him.

Love A Much Older You,



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