Dear Exercise

Dear Exercise,

I have been avoiding you too long. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the way you look.

Or the people around you act. That put bumper stickers that say 2.0 marathon on their cars. That brag about how much they love running.

I didn’t like how much you sweat buckets, it’s unhygienic.

But….apparently if I want to have a nice body for swim season, I have to be friends with you.

So now I’ve joined your clique. I run, I sweat, I do weird things like ‘planks’ and ‘squats.’ And it’s draining my energy, because I used to eat a lot, and now I push back my plate because you said it would help. I used to watch my favorite TV show but now I walk the block. You tell me that the way I used to be was sad.

I like the old me…but I also want to be fit.

So, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll work out a little bit each day, but will also be able to the stuff I love to do. Because you’re boring.

I’m going to eat junk food sometimes. I’m going to binge-watch TV sometimes and forget about you.

Yeah I know. I’m horrible. But I don’t care.

Your Out-Of-Shape Friend,



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