The Epic Conclusion

I set out with good intentions.

I set out with dreams and a handful of ideas.

But somehow those ideas and dreams have turn on me.

So this is it. The final chapter until I can find another plot twist. Because it’s not a great ending.

The epic conclusion–for now.

It’s just that I’m changing. I read back today, to my first post and I realize how far I’ve come, and I know I can’t go back. I need to find who God wants me to be. Who I NEED to be.

And life is rushing in. School, mostly.

I’m alone. And in my loneliness I have become attached to my blog. I feel like some of my friends have abandoned me.

I’m rethinking my career choice of a writer, because I have been doubting my writing abilities. It never seems right

I’m out of shape, so I’ve started working out. And watching my eating habits. Maybe it’s because I’m sick of being judged and feeling self-conscious. I want to be able to wear something confidently for once in my life.

I’m searching for the perfect man. By watching romantic movies and listening to others romantic lives coming together.

I’m fighting myself. Throwing punches until I’m bloody and bruised. I can hardly stand.

And that’s only scratching at the surface of my life.

So I’m trying to say goodbye. But I love all of you and it’s really hard to, but some things have to be done. Just…pray for me. And maybe, I’ll come back. And maybe I won’t.

I love you all dearly and I want you to know that you each hold a special place in my heart. And that I’ve been crying when you’ve been sad, and smiling when you’ve been happy. And I’ve been praying for each of you.

Stay beautiful. Stay young. Stay free. And don’t forget me.

-Liv (The Inspirational Dreamer…)



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