I’m A Study Hall Reject

Never mind, I like to call myself that, but really it’s just because I can’t walk into the study hall. I won’t allow myself.

So I sit with a bunch of moms and littles homeschooling in the hall, which looks like a coffee shop, so really I would rather stay out here. But for the three weeks I have sat there, I have made some weird acquaintances. Let me give them each a warm introduction.

1.) The old lady who sits and stares at me.

I don’t know what her obsession of looking at me is, but she likes to. And she has really hard, beetle-like eyes so it feels like a large lioness is breathing down on my neck. I just want to scream, “I promise I’ve never met your son and I don’t want to date him!” I actually have no idea if she has a son…

But this week she stole my table. I had sat there for two weeks. I thought I had established it as my table. Apparently she didn’t notice and plopped down in it. It bothered me, I never knew something so small would bother me, but it did.

2.) The mother with two adorable children.

She just watches me. Do my school, write, read, drink my drink, eat my snack. And sometimes she will point at me and show her children. I just keep my head down and pray I’m not a bad example.

3.) That mother’s child.

Sweet little thing with glasses and trendy clothes. He’ll smile at me, and of course, I’ll smile back.

4.) Weird guy that walks past

I saved the best for last. Yes…I don’t know if I would classify him as a stalker, but gosh, he makes my skin crawl.

Take for instance this week. I was saying goodbye to a friend outside the door for study hall, and he turned around and stared at me. So as soon as my friend left I went into the bathroom. When I came out I went to my spot, and sat down and got out my book and headphones.

NOT five minutes later, he walks past my spot, and then circles back.

I swear he did that a lot.

I tried to ignore him. But one day, I might have to warn him I have a psychopathic, gun-wielding friend.

But can I admit something–he is kind of attractive. People marry their stalkers. I’ve read it in the news. Who am I kidding, that would be the stupidest thing I ever would do. I don’t even know the kid. And to get the guts to speak to him would drain all my energy, send me into a coma where all I did was eat junk food and watch romantic movies. I’ll spare myself the pain and exertion. I don’t even know if he likes Lord of The Rings, I can’t even fathom liking someone who had no inkling of love for that book and movie series.

Sorry, I ranted. 😛 I wasn’t supposed to rant in this post, but there I went ranting.


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